Laser Ventures has developed a vast network of hospitals, vendors and brokers throughout the world. Whether you are interested in buying used laser equipment, selling your older equipment, or purchasing fibers and/or accessories, we can be your complete solution.

Used Lasers:

For information on used laser systems that we currently have available, or if you have a used laser system that you would like to sell, please contact us at 866-9-LASERS (866-952-7377) or Email Us

Laser Fibers & Accessories:

Laser Ventures offers a complete line of high quality fibers and accessories.


  • Single use and reusable laser lithotripsy fibers for use with most holmium laser systems.
  • Single use holmium orthopedic fibers.
  • Single use KTP fibers for use with Aura XP™ and other KTP laser systems.


  • Laser safety eyewear for all wavelengths.
  • Laser safety signs.
  • Fiber strippers and cleavers.
  • CO2 accessories.
    • laparoscopic couplers and adapters
    • micromanipulators
    • hand pieces

For information on fibers and accessories that we currently have available, please contact us at 866-9-LASERS (866-952-7377) or Email Us