Career Opportunities with Lase'R VenturesAre you interested in a new career in the rewarding field of healthcare?

Laser Ventures is an industry-leader in providing mobile medical laser rental services across the Southeast Region of the U.S.

Our mission…

…is to provide ethical, professional, state-of-the-art technology and services through our dedicated staff, while fully meeting the customers’ and patients’ needs and being recognized as world-class in our industry.

We pride ourselves…

  • in our commitment to quality service;

  • our dedication to compliance;

  • our staff’s expertise in the field; and

  • our willingness to meet the changing demands of our markets.

DDW LogoLaser Ventures drug free workplace program is certified by the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board in accordance with Title 34, Chapter 9, Article 11 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

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